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Rev. Dr. Terry Trueblood PhD

Dr. Terry is speaking at the October 12-13th Inner Light Compass conference in Las Vegas. Come join the fun. Contact Dr. Corinne Cherek at www.innerlightcompass.com or [email protected] 702-339-4100


Dr. Terry Trueblood Ph.D.

Terry has a doctorate in Mystical Research. He is a naturally gifted spiritual intercessor. As a Reiki master, master hypnotist, certified regressionist, EFT practitioner, meditation instructor, metaphysical minister, NLP trained life coach, and tuning fork practitioner he combines healing techniques to give you amazing results.

Past results have included dramatic vision improvement, physical injury improvement and of course great strides in correcting emotional and spiritual issues. Retired after 30 years in state law enforcement Terry brings a unique stability to the practitioner stage and his background as a current emergency medical technician and 30+ years of law enforcement experience adds to the comfort level of our client base. 

Terry is the “go to” guy for healers who need assistance in their practice, providing a kind of “reset button” for those healers in need.  Come enjoy his extensive background in all things mystical, ask the question you have been holding for years, this is the man to see.                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Spiritual Equivalocity (c) - Bringing one's thoughts into synchronized balance or harmony with the universe/God by aligning human vibration with Equal Speed and Direction with that of GOD

Resulting in harmony, healing, miracles and oneness. All projected thought, if manifested and directed with "Spiritual Equivalocity" shall produce the desired result, thus demonstrating the balance and harmony of God and his creations.