Intuitive Hypnosis and More

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1.) Hypnosis $100 per session/Regression by request up to $300 for 3 hr session.

General hypnosis is a 1 hour session of comfortable, relaxed experiences, focused on dealing with the issue at hand; however the client is always in charge and may determine in their mind to explore other themes. Smoking cessation, weight control and coping with stress issues are all very common uses of Hypnosis. As always, NO ONE can be put "under hypnosis" you must want to "enter a state of hypnosis"; which is a very natural state for a human being.  Have you ever driven home and entered your driveway only to realize you don't remember the drive? You were naturally hypnotized. In our sessions you will remember everything and remain in complete control at all times. Join us for the self exploration of yourself. Dr. Terry is a member of the American Hypnosis Association.

2.) Readings $100 per 45 min

If you choose a reading by our medium, it is not fortune telling, our medium will tell you what is seen around you and intuitively advise you what that may mean, and if there is a message, he will relay it to you.  Health/body scan is many times a significant part of a reading. Our readings are not "fun and games" but real and enjoyable. Readings can provide an effective understanding of the "other side" as it affects you. Dr. Terry is a member of the Americian Empath Association

3.) Tuning Forks and Reiki energy work $100 per hour

We may provide tuning fork chakra balancing if indicated in your session; it is optional. Since everything in the Universe is vibration, resetting and clearing the energy around your aura can be an important healing technquies in addition to Reiki healing practices. Let our Reiki Masters help you. Dr. Terry is a member of the International Reiki Association.

4.)  Investigations $100 per hour for the team

We have investigators available to review your structure, occupants and more. With over 30 years of police investigations, you will find these specialized services rare and highly beneficial should  the need arise. We may employ special equipment and staff during these operations, ask for a quote.

5.) Clergy  and Meditation Instruction

We have on staff, ordained clergy that can perform weddings, baptize, and offer deep prayer work and promote healing. Certified Meditation Instructor stand ready to address your group. Dr. Terry is a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry Association

6.) Spiritual Intercession and Life Coaching  -  $100 an hour - Looking for that person who intercedes for you in the spiritual realm? They you found him.  Finding life difficult and need some clairity? You found a qualified ear to listen. Life coaching is extremely effective in helping you find direction in life and moving past long-term issues which have blocked you. Dr. Terry is a certified Life Coach.

Classes - We offer classes in intuitive skills including clairvoyance and aura reading. Don't think you can do this, give it a try, you will likely be surprised at how good you really are. These are fun classes and everyone comes away more inspired.

Meditation Classes

Want to learn to meditate or have guided imagery sessions, this is the place to be. Call to schedule your time. $50 per hour, group rate available. These can be fun for corporate group or a girl friends group or just to de-stress from the world. Dr. Terry is a certified Meditation Instructor.